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Using Method Of Goblet Glass Cup

Jan 04, 2018

Drink beer with a straight-barrel glass, drink wine with a goblet.

The wine is red and white, the wine glass is slightly different, but it is required to thin goblet. Why so, is in order to drink, to avoid direct contact with the Palm cup body, because the best wine drinking temperature is about 18 degrees Celsius, of which red wine high, liquor low, if the palm of the cup to cover the heat, it can be Grand. There is a general rule that drinking glasses must use a transparent goblet regardless of whether you drink red wine or white wine. Because the color of wine and drinking, smell wine is a part of wine, has always been used as a judgement of the quality of alcohol, the use of tinted glass will affect the color of the wine itself. The purpose of using a goblet is to control the hands, to avoid direct contact with the cup belly and affect the temperature of the wine. With the thumb, index finger and middle finger and hold the cup neck, do not hold the cup body, so that you can fully appreciate the color of the wine, palm of the heat will not affect the best drinking temperature.

(1) The Goblet in the middle of the index and middle finger, the other fingers naturally curved, the thumb can also gently protect the cup three-fourths. This method is more gentlemanly.

(2) The normal thumb and forefinger gently grip the cup three-fourths, the jaws of the cup and pillars of the place. This method is more general.

(3) Hold half or less half of the goblet, and the other fingers naturally grip. This method is more butters and suitable for ladies.