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The Method Of Pouring Wine Into A Goblet

Jan 04, 2018

Pour liquor procedure: If with cork seal of wine, after opening a bottle, the owner should first in own cup pour a little, taste whether have bad cork taste, if the taste is not pure, should change another bottle. Pour the wine, first the guests after the other guests. Usually in the clockwise direction, each guest on the right side of each pour the wine, and finally pour their own wine.

Pour wine method: Pay attention to the trademark to guests, do not put the bottle to the guests, if pour sparkling wine available right hand cup slightly oblique, the wine along the cup wall slowly poured, lest the wine in the carbon dioxide quickly dispersed. After a cup of wine, the bottle should be quickly turned half circle, and upward tilt, so as not to drop the bottle bottles to the cup outside.

Pour the amount of wine: brandy just pour to one-third cups or less; red wine to the half of the cup can be, for example, when the wine evaluation of the "half of the sample" said, refers to pour wine to two-thirds cups is advisable. The Chinese custom of "Tea seven wine Eight" is also aimed at the cup, tea or wine in the glass should be to what extent.