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Making Process Of Goblet

Jan 04, 2018

The difference between the blowing system of artificial blowing machine:

Appearance difference:

Mechanism products-the market to see the basic is completely bright material products, modelling single, less style, the product is cumbersome, poor streamline, the cup and the bottom of the joint transition Blunt, but the consistency of product size specifications better, no bubbles and water ripple, poor firmness.

Artificial blow products----------------products modelling changes many, color and style rich, product lighter, product flow linearity is good, obviously exudes beauty, product own design can keep up with the fashion trend of market consumption, can give consumers more choices, to maximize the satisfaction of personalized consumption proposition, there are bubbles and water ripple, Good firmness. Hand-made, there will be fine stripes and a few bubbles and the black and white points of the material and decorative nuances, there are bubbles and stripes are also artificial and mechanical glass technology, one of the important differences, but also collectors have no collection value of the strong evidence.

Production process differences:

Mechanism product-machine production line, production is higher, usually a medium production line daily can reach tens of thousands of or even a hundred thousand of, but no artificial technology content.

Artificial blow products-each product of each production link by manual completion, low yield, usually each production team's daily output is hundreds of, but each product contains a craftsman's unique skills and fine carving of the work.

Value difference:

Mechanism products-low value, more to meet the use of consumer functions, lack of ornamental.

Artificially blown products-high value, in addition to the basic use of the function, in the use of the process, adding a lot of pride, elegance, special taste of life.

Market differences:

Mechanism products-mainly for the group consumption occasions, low prices.

Artificial blow products-mainly for household consumption occasions, especially by the widespread pursuit of personalized consumption, fashion consumption groups are keen.