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How To Choose A Healthy And Environmentally Friendly Cup What Material Should Be Selected?

Jan 04, 2018

Glass, enamel cups, ceramic cups, plastic cups, stainless steel cups, iron cups, aluminum cups, paper cups ... Which one do you choose?

When we go to the mall to buy a cup of water, all kinds of cups will break into our sight, especially those brightly colored, unique style of the cup is eye-catching, pick to pick on the cross-stitch eye. Let me tell you, the glass should be preferred when drinking water.

Do not think that the glass is only transparent and good-looking, in all materials of the cup, the glass is the healthiest. Glass does not contain organic chemicals, when people use glasses of water or other drinks, do not worry about chemicals will be drunk into the belly, and the glass surface smooth, easy to clean, so people drink water is the healthiest and safest. It is highly recommended to use a glass cup with double glass.

Second, experts also advocate the use of enamel cups.

Because the enamel cup is after the high temperature after Celsius made, no lead and other harmful substances, you can rest assured that use.

The most colorful cups of plastic cups everywhere are pleasing to the liking, but in fact, in those bright pigments hidden huge hidden dangers, when the cup into boiling water or sour, alkaline high drink, these pigments in the lead and other toxic heavy metals are easily dissolved in the liquid, people drink with a chemical substance of the liquid, will cause harm to the human body.

Plastic is often added plasticizer, which contains some toxic chemicals, with plastic cups of hot water or boiling water, toxic chemicals are easily diluted into the water, and the interior microstructure of plastics There are many gaps, which hide the dirt. Therefore, experts remind, in the purchase of plastic cups, must choose to meet national standards of edible grade plastic water cups.