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Goblet Glass Cup Pose

Jan 04, 2018

Drink red wine, take a goblet should use three fingers lightly twist the cup foot, or someone simply hold the cup foot also may not, but pay attention to hold the glass when not to hold the glass belly, because the temperature will destroy the cup of wine taste.

Brandy Cup is the opposite, because the short foot is to let people with the palm of the glass, with the palm of the temperature, the aroma of brandy can be more volatile out of it.

Toast with the thumb, ring finger and pinky grip the Cup under the foot side, the middle finger holding a cup of feet, finger light on the cup and the glass connection, fingers as far as possible straight, full of graceful posture.

As for the cocktail Cup is tapered, I think it is because in addition to drink, but also to see the wine's layered color, the hands of the temperature may destroy the proportion of different wines, so to make a high, Champagne Cup slender cup body is certainly looking at bubbles.