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Whole process of glassware manufacturing

Sep 20, 2018

Explore the whole process of glassware manufacturing

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After quartz sand, borax and many other materials are melting into glass liquid in the 1300-degree high temperature. Then workers hold a long 1.5 meters of steel pipe from the furnace mouth to pick material. He will evenly blow at the top of this pipe, meanwhile, his constantly rotates the pipe . In a moment, the fiery glass became transparent. 

Blowing requires workers at least have the basic skills of three or two years. The whole process of blowing a small cup will take two to three minutes. A two-time pick is made on the first blown glass and blown on the mold. Under the mixture of natural gas and oxygen, the flame is baked, and a slender glass is pulled by a pair of pliers to support it. Then, pinch a flat cup bottom for the glass. After cooling the 400-degree annealing kiln, bake the mouth for the cup. A transparent goblet is made to finish. 

Transparent glasses can only be counted as semi-finished products to some extent. In these semi-finished products, workers can also make decals, outlining, carved, high-temperature, carved, painted, sandblasting, heap glaze, spray color and many other processes. Each process is completed after the high-temperature baking to ensure its color and brightness durable

 When the worker strokes the liquid gold in the cup evenly (color), this is the most important step, in the bottle deeply carved down the glass, carved out a variety of patterns, and after the polishing. The process requirements are very strict, the whole cup is accidentally hurt and broken once it is put on the machine, it becomes a defective. According to the introduction, the most complex finished glassware needs more than 60 processes, all by manual completion. As long as there is a defect in a process, the whole vessel becomes defective and the defective rate is about 90%.