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What is a wine shaker?

Jan 04, 2018

A drinking vessel, including a housing and a water inlet, is provided with a water inlet on the casing, outlet, the inlet is equipped with a water inlet pipe, the inlet pipe jacket has leakproof rubber sleeve, the inlet pipe is provided with a water distributor, the housing and the inlet seat are connected, and the inlet pipe is communicated with the intake port, which is characterized in that: also includes the push rod, the push rod has the reset The enclosure is also provided with a switch assembly for a closed inlet and outlet. The switch assembly comprises an upper sealing sleeve for plugging the inlet and a lower sealing sleeve for plugging the outlet, a sealing sleeve and a lower seal sleeve are installed on the mounting seat, and the mounting seat and the push rod are connected by a linkage mechanism which converts the front and rear motions of the push rod into the rotary motion of the mounting seat The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and the need to push the push rod when the wine is poured, and the sealing effect is good with a tower rubber sleeve.