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To drink vodka in a Russian way-learn about vodka

Aug 24, 2018

To drink vodka in a Russian way-learn about Vodka


Russians have a rarely addictive taste for vodka, and there are plenty of tricks and moves to drink vodka, but the classic Russian-style vodka-drinking method is rarely known.  This article will briefly introduce you to Russian vodka and the most classic drink method.

In Russia, a cold country, vodka is as important to Russians as local potatoes, and strong vodka can not only drive the chill out of the body and heart, but also become a pillar of the Russian spirit. 

Vodka (vodka) is the most popular alcoholic beverages in northern Europe and other cold countries. the deployment of the final alcohol content is generally over 40%  after fermentation and several distillation,

Its liquid crystal translucent, not sweet, not bitter, not astringent, flavor light, only the mouth, such as fire baked like stimulation, not only suitable for drinking alone, but also often as a cocktail of the base wine. The vodka produced in Russia was originally made mainly of barley, later switch to potatoes and corn, the brewing process is not much characteristic, the only feature is the use of birch wood activated carbon for slow and thorough filtration, so that liquor and activated carbon molecules full contact, so that the original wine contains oil, acids, aldehydes, Esters and other trace elements thoroughly removed, the resulting vodka purity is very high, in addition to the bouquet almost no other fragrance, strong taste, such as fiery burning. 

In Russia, there are a few sayings: "You can have no delicious snacks, but not enough vodka, you can have no stupid jokes, but not enough vodka, you can not have stunning women, but not enough vodka.