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To drink vodka in a russian way- how to drink

Aug 28, 2018



Russians are so fond of vodka, which is a rare thing, there are many tricks and tactics to drink Vodka, but the most classic Russian-style vodka drink is seldom known. We will savor the most classic Russian style vodka drink in the following steps

Step one   Choose authentic Russian Vodka 

To make sure that the vodka you pick is made in Russia, and to ensure a pure Russian style, vodka must be Russian, such as the Stolichnaya , the Soviet Union Green Card (Moskovskaya) and so on. It is the biggest irony of scotch to drink American bourbon in Scotland, 

Step Two   Choose the right cup of spirits 

you need to pick a glass cup slightly larger than the normal shot glass, and the authentic Russian vodka (around 50ml) is 2 to 3 times the volume of the normal shot cup.

Step three  Prepare a plate of Russian cold dishes

Zakuski is a very famous Russian cold dish platter, which is enjoyed after taking after drinking up vodka , the flavor is generally sour and salty, so that can cover up high concentrations of alcohol in Vodka. Normally, Russian cold dishes will have pickles, herring, caviar, ketchup, one or several sardines.

Step Four Take a deep breath, and drink it bottom up. 

you need to breathe a deep breath before picking up a cup, and then drink it up. Remember that don’t leave even one drop of vodka inside the cup, or else it will be considered a very impolite behavior by others.

Step Five Hold your breath and take cold dishes immediately

Congratulations, you have a lot of Russian people drinking vodka fan!