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The development of the Hangover device

Jan 04, 2018

From ancient to ancient, the hangover constantly evolve, a total of three generations of products. The first generation of the hangover is narrow and wide, and the hangover is the most common in the market, red wine into the bottle of about one-fifth height, so that the surface and air contact area to achieve the most appropriate; the second-generation hangover is the taste of an eccentric test bottle in the lab, not in the middle, but on the side. The shape of the bottle is composed of two triangles, the principle of which is to make the contact area of red wine and air larger; the third-generation hangover has the taste of art, which is close to the first-generation decanter. The difference is that the bottom of this hangover is more lenient, the widest diameter of more than 20 centimeters, the other is also equipped with a glass funnel, easy to pour into red wine. The evolution of the hangover, its fundamental aim is to make red wine and air contact area to maximize, while not let the bouquet sneak away, remove the smell can be preserved after the flavor of red wine, to achieve the highest tasting realm.