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Manufacturering of Blowing and Pressing Glassware

Sep 26, 2018

Manufacturering of Glassware


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Blowing glassware

There are two methods for blowing glasssware : hand blowing and machine blowing. Hand blowing is to use a hand-held torch from the crucible or the pool kiln pick material mouth, in the iron mould. Smooth round products with the method of blowing, the surface has concave and convex patterns or shapes are not circular products with static blowing method. Firstly, to pick up the transparent glass material and then blown into a small bubble, and then with a small bubble pick color material or milk cloud material blowing generator-shaped called set material blowing. With the color of easy-to-melt particles stained on the milky set material, the color of natural melt flow, can be blown into a natural landscape vessel, the color material is stained with a strip of turbid material, can be blown into a drawing vessel. Machine blowing is used to produce large quantities of glassware. After the blow machine is subjected to automatic iron mold blowing generator shape, after stripping off the cap , it becomes a container, which can also be applicable for pressure-blow molding, the material is first rushed into a small bubble (embryonic), and then continue to blow the shape of the machine. It is more efficient and good quality than simply blowing machine.

Pressing glassware

Pressing glassware is to pick material, then cut into the iron mold, driving the punch, the pressure generator shape, and the mold demoulding after solidification. Automatic machine pressing is of large batch, high efficiency. The pressing molding is suitable for the churlish-shaped products such as cups, trays and ashtrays, which can exit the punching head.