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Inherit and protection of blowing process in glassware industry

Sep 29, 2018

Inherit and protection of blowing process  in glassware industry 

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In the history of glassware, hand-blowing glass is an important development milestone. In recent years, with the increase in labor costs, coupled with low productivity, machine made glassware is getting more and more advantage because of its flowing water production line and standardized production, the advantages are very obvious, hand-blown glass bottles are quickly replaced.
Like the development of a city, some old buildings need to be preserved as a testimony to the development of the city and a reference to learning. Hand blown glassware process is also urgently needed to inherit and protect. Hand-blown glassware can break through the existing machinery and mold limits, according to human imagination and superb craftsmanship made of exquisite glass bottles. It is understood that now master hand-blown glass bottle technology has become less and fewer, because the hand-blown glass bottle working environment has high temperature and the person has a certain harm, many young people are reluctant to engage in this craft. This is the need for the entire glass industry to attract attention.