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How to store soy sauce and oil in glass jar

Sep 29, 2018


Soy sauce: Soy sauce contains nutrients, which makes microorganisms easy to reproduce, especially on hot days, a layer of white film will appear on the surface of soy sauce, this is because unclean containers and dust caused by the pollution of soy sauce. Therefore, if you buy soy sauce in the summer day, you can drops a few drops cooking oil on its surface, which will help to separate from the air, so that bacteria are not easy to grow, you can also put a few peeled garlic in soy sauce, to prevent the soy sauce spoilage.

Vegetable oil: Do not use plastic barrels and metal containers for vegetable oil. We can use ceramic containers or deep-colored small glass bottles. The bottle must be washed carefully and draught before the oil is filled with oil, in order to reduce possible contact with oil and air, light and high temperature. For longer periods of time, antioxidant vitamin E can be added. Add Vitamin E pills to each 500 grams of edible oil (and squeeze the pellets into the oils) and shake evenly. In addition, used cooked oil do not mix with the source.