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How to operate a hangover device

Jan 04, 2018

For the aged wine, because tannin and pigment in the long years of the formation of sediment, pour in the cup is not only unsightly, but also a bit bitter. So after opening the bottle, in principle, the wine should be steadily and slowly injected into the decanter, leaving the sediment at the bottom of the bottle. This process is sober (decanting), commonly known as "change bottles."

For light red wine, by injecting the opening time of the decanter (including the flow of the injection), the liquor can be exposed to large areas of air (the room and opening of the decanter is larger), thereby accelerating tannin softening and fully releasing the closed aroma. This process is the sober (breathing), commonly known as "breathing." In addition, for the aged wine "change bottle", the sommelier will generally consult customers: whether the need for sober? The aim is to allow the possible smell of sulfide to dissipate as quickly as possible.