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How to choose whisky glass cup

Sep 19, 2018

How to choose a whisky glass?

Nowadays, Whisky is being more and more popular for both man and woman, but unlike wine and beer, the shape of whisky glass cup you use will have big impact on its tasting, 

wide mouth vs narrow mouth.jpg

The mouth of a whisky glass mainly influence the focus of aroma in your whisky. On one hand,those cups with wide and open mouth will make the aroma volatilize easily,On the other hand,it lowers the alcohol and peaty sense in your whisky

straight mouth vs tulip mouth.jpg

This difference will have impact on tasting sense of sweet in whisky.Tulip mouth will make you feel the whisky much sweeter when it comes into your mouth

Slim body VS fat body.jpg

It decides the speed of decanting your whisky.Generally speaking, those whisky glass with slim body is for light whisky, while for aged and strong whisky, we'd better choose big sized whisky glass