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How to choose a beer glass cup

Aug 15, 2018

Beer Cup is a carrier of beer, beer Cup makes people get the direct sensory enjoyment of beer.  How can you not be attracted to a glass when it is filled with a sparkling liquid? But different beers have different personalities, which requires different shapes of cups to make their taste better.  

Transparent glass 

This glass is the majority of the first choice, this is because it enable you to observe the bubble rise, and enjoy the golden color of beer and brings a wonderful association in your mind.

Heart-shaped cup 

this cup is suitable for those beer with strong taste and a great idea for home use. It is simple, but warm unlimited. Tasting with someone you love will definitely give you a different taste.

Embossed beer mug

This cup is of large mouth, which  makes it suitable for the low carbonated light beer,More suitable for office space inside the white-collar, simple design but unique creativity, so that white-collar workers in the busy taste a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.   

Goblet cups

This cup is the best choice for lovers to drink, when the light yellow wine liquid, through the crystal glass, soft tones such as dreamy charming, so that lovers feel wine not intoxicating people.  

Large glass with thick ears 

this cup can make the beer temperature in the cup will not rise because of the effect of room temperature, can keep beer foam and flavor and easy to drink large mouth, feel the killing power of beer. This cup is convenient to hold the handle of the cup has not seen before the convex feel, let people hold in the hand, the United States in the heart.