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How Does Scotch Differ from Bourbon-Spelling

Sep 29, 2018


There is a great variety of whisky, but bourbon and scotch whisky are the most popular. These two types of whisky are very closely related to their origins, which is where they differ. So, what are the specific differences between these two different whisky?
Scotch whisky is "Whisky", while Bourbon is "whiskey"
In the United States and Ireland, the foreign language spelling of whisky is "whiskey", so the spelling of bourbon originating in the United States is "whiskey". In places outside the United States and Ireland, such as Europe, Australia, Japan and Scotland, the spelling of whisky is "Whisky". It is worth noting that although the spelling of the two is different, the alcohol content in all whiskey can not be less than 40%, nor more than 94.8%.