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How Does Scotch Differ from Bourbon-Flavor

Sep 30, 2018

Different Flavor

Although both Scotch Whisky and Bourbon Whisky have smoked and coke flavor, but they are different ways to extract these flavors, so there are some subtle differences.
Bourbon whisky needs to be aged in a ready-baked new American oak barrel, so it comes with smoked, vanilla, coconut and toffee flavors from oak barrels, while the smoky taste of Scotch whisky depends largely on the extent to which peat is used when the furnace heats the malt during the brewing process. Peat is an important flavor of Scotch whisky, but not all Scotch whisky has a peat flavor.

A right whisky glass will help a lot for tasting different flavor in these two whisky

             10oz round scotch whisky glass                                      12oz Bourbon whisky glass

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