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How different beer cup influences the beer flavor

Jun 07, 2018

How different beer cup influences the beer flavor


What is the flavor of beer? Here is a brief introduction, different people has different definition on beer flavor, but in general, it includes the following factors: wheat fragrance, wine floral, mellow, entrance sense in your mouth. 

The raw material of beer is malt, including barley bud, wheat bud, some will also add oats, so malt is the basis of a beer flavor; Hops are also the main ingredient of beer, which provides a bitter taste for beer and also provides a special plant fragrance (similar to tea, mainly consists of phenols, tannin); As a fermentation product, There's a lot of yeast metabolites in the beer, this is mainly esters, acids, for example, some beer yeast in the fermentation process will produce a isoamyl acetate ester, this ester with fruit incense, mainly banana taste, in fact, this is the source of banana taste in white beer, This taste is mostly found in Belgian-style wheat beer; the feeling of the entrance feeling is different from different people due to a variety of habit of drinking, someone like drink at once, someone like to taste a little on the tongue and then slowly swallow. But the common feeling is its strong and sharp sense brought to your tongue when it enter into your mouth, the so-called taste is actually beer in the carbon dioxide bubble in the tongue when the rupture of a kind of external stimulation, so that the beer is rich in carbon dioxide will kill the taste is strong.

In the Glass Beer Cup family, there are many different types according to their shapes and the wall thickness and so on. As a return, different beer glass will bring you different feeling and experience when drinking beer.