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Hangover Steps

Jan 04, 2018

Before changing the bottle, please prepare a hangover device, a funnel, preferably a filter cloth to help filter the bottle out of the debris. Do not use the coffee filter paper to fill the cloth, so as not to leave the taste of papers. Please prepare another light source, preferably light a candle.

When opening a bottle, please be careful not to shake or turn the bottle, otherwise it is easy to raise the sediment in the bottle. Open the lid of the bottle and tear it down as far as possible. Wipe the bottle with a clean wet cloth and dry it with a napkin. When opening the bottle, please use the long Spiral Drill bottle opener (screw-pull type) to pull out the cork completely, and then carefully examine the bottom of the bottle through the light source to make sure the sediment does not pollute the upper liquid.

When pouring wine, the bottle holder's eyes should be with the bottle and the light source under the bottle into a vertical line, the light source and the hangover is about 15 cm apart. When you start changing bottles, just gradually tilt the bottle and slowly let the wine into the decanter. It takes about a minute to change the bottle for a volume of 750 ml of wine. After most of the wine out of the bottle, the holder of alcohol can borrow the light source below, carefully control the dumped wine, only pour out clear liquid, shed to remain in the bottleneck of the chaotic sediments. Please do not erect the wine bottle during the sobriety process, otherwise the precipitate will pollute the clear liquid immediately and it is difficult to remedy.

In the restaurant, before the "Change the bottle", at least 30 minutes should be upright bottle, so that the sediment can be fully sunk to the bottom of the bottle; in your own house, if you want to drink tomorrow night, you should take down that bottle of old wine on the shelf today and keep it upright. In the "Change Bottle", you need to light a candle, placed in the bottle at the bottom of the bottles 15 centimeters below the shoulder to observe the flow of sediment.

As for how long the hangover takes, because of the variety, the year, the brewing process and the storage conditions, there is no precise concept of time, the sommelier rely on experience and feeling to grasp. The French wine magazine La revuedu Vinde France has organized 7 top bartenders to blind products, a wine-tasting test was conducted on 10 bottles of 1995-year wines, and the results showed that "30 minutes for the bottle to Hangover" was 4 bottles for the best wine scheme. Change bottle to Hangover 2 hours "for the best wine scheme there are 2 bottles," open a bottle in the bottle for 2 hours "for the best wine scheme has 2 bottles, there are 2 bottles in the above three and" after the bottle into the Cup, "such as the performance of the wine scheme is no different.

The general practice is to open the bottle after the wine into the hangover device for a few hours, so that the red wine and indoor air fully contact before you can drink directly. Of course, there is also a quick hangover device.