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Frosting Glassware

Sep 26, 2018

Frosting Glassware



The frosting effect of glassware is achieved by the special processing on glassware surface, which is completed by mixing of frosting powder or other chemistry raw material, it looks kind of dimly, noble elegant visual effect, feel is more exquisite than the simple glass beverage bottle, is smooth.    
In the effect aspect, it is not as bright and shiny as decal printing, also does not have the porcelain insulator chillingly deep, it looks like light fog to cover in the glassware surface, the implicit release own unique charm and beautiful. It can instantaneous let the human feel fresh to one kind refined, the elegantly simple element only tranquil safely.      

As we know , liquor is specially sensitive to the temperature, for wine bottle, it not only can enhance the product scale, but also could preventing light entry, so it avoids the reaction between light and liquor in the greatest degree. Therefore, it better guarantee liquor quality, the relative extension liquor guarantee the nature time.      
In the production craft aspect, the frosting bottle granulated substance operating procedure is extremely simple, after will only need the clean glass product to plunge the frosting powder fluid 1-3 minute to take out, the clean will air dry then, the craft simple easy to study. Frosting is inexpensive, while the benefit will be quite expectable, besides, the invests threshold is also very low, so it is a good choice for individual investment management.