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Common logo Printing process of glass cup

May 24, 2018

Logo printing.jpg

Screen printing: Also known as screen printing, which will be printed on the screen on the glass cup through the squeegee pressure, this process is suitable for the regular work piece on the printing (plane, round surface, cone), and printing ink layer is thicker than shift printing, the sense of 3D is strong;   

Advantages: Thick ink, graphics and text brings a sense of a strong feeling, suitable for large areas of printing, which is widely used thanks to the various choice of inks;   

Disadvantages: Traditional screen printing speed is slow, automatic drying color or monochrome screen printing machine costs more, and only applies for the glass cup with regular surface mentioned above;  

Heat transfer: A way of transfer printing, this method is to print the required printed graphics and text in a layer of  film in advance, then transfer graphics and text to the glass cup through heating and pressure ;   

Advantages: Rich color, bright, fresh, high resolution, the graphic precision of this method is what other special printing difficult to achieve, what's more important, the process is very simple;   

Disadvantages: just like Screen printing, it is mainly applicable for regular surface, while the irregular surface depends on the specific situation, besides, the upfront cost is large, but if the quantity is big enough, then the unit cost will be very low;

Water Transfer printing: A another way transfer printing, which is divided into two types, water cover and water decal, the principle is to transfer all the graphics and text to be printed in a layer of film, then transfer to the glass cup through special solvents and water. It works for irregular or regular surface, such as the whole surface of camouflage, stone, wood grain, etc., what’s more, the water decal is easy to positioning;   

Advantages: Not only applicable in a wide range of glass cups, but also able to achieve the high light and Matt printing effect through the final spraying process, especially suitable for the overall treatment and printed surface that other printing methods can not make; 

Disadvantages: too many processes determines higher cost, less suitable for positioning printing and output is slower;