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May 22, 2018


Nowadays, Champagne flute is an icon of luxury and class. Aesthetically, it is shaped with a tall, thin bowl and a medium to long stem, a shape that remind you of sophisticated and indulgent celebrations right away.

If you like your "Fizz" fizzy, this glass delivers  a rough bead at the base of the flute causes bubbles to congregate and then quickly rise to the top of the glass. The bubbles capture and rapidly deliver lots of flavor and aroma, while also being visually eye-catching. 

In comparison to the coupe, a flute really gives more "oomph" to the wine: more bubbles are generated, floating rapidly to the surface, which brings more fizz for the senses.

However, little air space at the top of the glass means that the flavours and aromas can be mostly lost. The shape of the flute is created to retain carbonation, but it restricts development of the wine: there is very little room for flavours and aromas to collect and develop. While this is not so big problem for young wines, older and more complex wines need a glass which allows this room for maximum development of the Champagne's character.