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Beer glass type

Sep 05, 2018

Beer glass type


The capacity of a beer glass varies from 150 to 1500 ml. Like its volume, the shape of beer glass is also various. The different shapes of beer cups are related to the origin of beer, the type of raw material, production mode and drinking method. 

Generally speaking, the drinkers should not touch the cup body because beer is chilled after drinking, so as not to affect the taste of wine, so there are some tall beer cups. Because beer alcohol is low, so drink a large amount, cup body volume. Beer cups also have flat feet, but flat-footed cups usually have handles. Beer cups in Europe, especially in countries with brewing beer tradition, because of different types of raw materials and production methods, such as the top of the fermentation of beer (the British ale) and the bottom of the fermentation of beer, the wine has different consistency, the need for different glasses,the most common types of beer cups are:

Wheat beer cup(beer mug): Flat bottom, high waist streamline, cup mouth wide, volume 500 ml. The wheat beer is thick, fragrant, rich in foam, and the wide Cup is designed to make its bouquet and foam overflow to the brim. 

The Pilsner beer glass, this cup is specially designed to drink light beer, its capacity varies from 100ml to 750ml

Pint beer glass, 1 pint is about 568 ml. Usually used to drink stout and English-style beer. The left-hand side of the white beer mug is used to drink Weissen beer, or white beer, or wheat beer.