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A Glass cup or Ceramic cup

Sep 13, 2018


Glass cups and ceramic cups are two different kinds of cups made in completely different materials , but they have relatively common features of health and safety, actually, their characteristics and advantages and disadvantages are very similar apart from different materials, now let’s make a simple comparison. 

There are single wall and double wall glass. Generally speaking,  double wall glass is  better than single wall glass without taking consideration of its weight, so you may try a double wall glass when buying a glass cup.

The safety of the glass is the most secure of all the materials currently in the cup, besides, glass is very tolerant, which can be filled with a variety of beverage and liquid.Fragile and thermal conductivity  are two bigger shortcomings of glass cups, I believe we all already know, here is not too much description!            

we have talked about the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic cups before. Similar to glass, it is of very high security, but this refers to the glaze-free ceramic cups when it comes to ceramic cups. Those are coated with glazed ceramic cups may contains lead and other heavy metal substances; ceramic cups can withstand high temperature, and its heat conductivity is much slower than the glass cup, Therefore, it is not easy to have the risk of burns when comparking to the glass. Its disadvantage is the ceramic cup as a whole of the thick and brittle nature of the material, through the comparison above, the overall double glass is better than the ceramic cup, and the ceramic Cup is better than the single wall glass!