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370ml Germany wheat beer glass, customized beer glass manufacturer in Asia...
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Product title: wheat beer glass,weizen beer glass set of 4, german style beer glass set.

Item number:D084

Color: Transparent and crystal clear

Specification: Height 164mm Top diameter65mm, bottom 64mm


Package: 12 pieces per box, 24 pieces per export cartons

Certificate: German LFGB

Product description: Wheat beers tend to foam a lot, especially if poured quickly. In pubs, if the bottle is handed to the patron for self pouring, it is customary for the glass to be taken to the patron wet or with a bit of water in the bottom to be swirled around to wet the entire glass to keep the beer from foaming excessively, the narrow bottom and wide month exactly helps to retain the original flavor of your beer 

Product details

◇  Master brewer and industry professional-approved beer glasses

◇  CUSTOM SHAPE TO ENHANCE FLAVOR – Custom beer glasses shaped specifically to deliver complex aromas and enhance your favorite beers’ texture, balance and flavor

◇  Made specifically for wheat beers like Weissbier and Witbier

◇  Great addition to any barware collection

◇  Machine hot-cut rim for extra smooth finish

◇  Tapered base for easy handling

◇  Annealed for sturdiness and durability

◇  offers a great variety of this shapes in different sizes, designed to enhance the beer drinking experience and make the perfect gift for beer lovers

◇  The tall conical shape of the glass sustains a zesty carbonation, allows for a robust head, and focuses the aroma of the beer

◇  Dishwasher safe


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