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Weizen Pub Beer Glasses Cup

Machine made beer glass for pub and club, beer cup manufacturer accepts customization...
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Product title: Weizen pub beer glasses cup, Africa Tusker beer glass, Germany hot-seller beer glass,

Item number:D085

Brimful Capacity:480ml/16OZ

Height:182mm, Top diameter 72mm, Bottom diameter 71mm

Package: 6pcs per white cardboard box, 48pcs per exprt carton

Material: BPA free glass, crystal like glass, lead-free soda ash glass,

Production method: machine blowing, hand blowing, mouth blowing

Logo printing service: water decal printing, hot stamping printing, silk film printing,etching color logo printing

Logo setup charge:$50,fully refundable after placing order

Dishwasher safety test:yes

Product details

◇  A wheat beer glass is a glass is used to serve wheat beer, known also as Weizenbier or Weibier. The German glass generally holds 0.5 liters with room for foam or "head". It is much taller than a pint glass, and starts out very skinny before growing slightly at the top. It is said that the glass is tapered to trap yeast at the bottom of the glass. In other countries such as Belgium, the glass may be 0.25 liters or 0.33 liters. This tall glass provides room for the often thick, fluffy heads produced by the style, which traps aromas and is visually pleasing.

◇  A weizen glass is used to serve wheat beer. Originating in Germany, the glass is narrow at the bottom and slightly wider at the top; the width both releasing aroma, and providing room for the often thick, fluffy heads produced by wheat beer.[8] It tends to be taller than a pint glass, and generally holds 500 milliliters with room for foam or "head". In some countries, such as Belgium, the glass may be 250 ml or 330 ml.

◇  Wheat beers tend to foam a lot, especially if poured quickly. In pubs, if the bottle is handed to the patron for self-pouring, it is customary for the glass to be taken to the patron wet or with a bit of water in the bottom to be swirled around to wet the entire glass to keep the beer from foaming excessively.


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