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beer flight glass

4oz machine made small glass for beer drinking, beer tasting glass supplier in China...
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Product name:beer flight glass

Item Code:D180


Color: Transparent clear

Material:high flint and lead-free sodalime ash glass

Technology: Machine blown

Package: 24 pieces per inne box, 72 pcs per egg-crate carton

Shipment:DHL,FEDEX, UPS,TNT by Air, or FCL,LCL sea shipment,


Usage:Wheat beer/India Pale ale/lager beer/craft beer/water/cocktail/mixed beverage/juice

Certificate:ISO 7086-1&ISO7086-2, FDA, California Prop 65, EEC,

Place of Origin: Chongqing,China


What is the best serving size for a beer tasting?

There are two angles to consider

◇  what is best for the beer

◇  what is best for the tasting scenario

For the beer, a serving size that is appropriate should provide sufficient beer to not warm up excessively in the cup or glass in the minute or two tasting is underway. This means serving sizes should be at least 60ml/2 oz. (If the beer is served too cold, leave it in the bottle to warm, so that all samples are poured together and tasted at the same temperature.)

For the tasting situation we have to consider:

◇  There may be a limited amount of an evaluation beer to share between the number of judges so serving sizes should be restrained.

◇  Furthermore, some additional beer should be left over in case a re-evaluation is necessary. This is particularly important with styles where volatiles are a key contributor, since they dissipate quickly, plus the olfactory sense quickly becomes tired, requiring a pause and then a fresh sample.

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