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Machine Made Lager Beer Glass

Popular machine made beer glass in South America, glassware factory export to Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Chile market...
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Product name: Machine Made Lager Beer Glass, weizen glass wholesale

Item Code:D084-2


Height:147mm Top59mm, Bottom59mm

Color: Transparent clear

Material:high flint and lead-free sodalime ash glass

Technology: Machine blown

Package: 12 pieces per inner box, 72pcs per egg-crate carton

Shipment:DHL,FEDEX, UPS,TNT by Air, or FCL,LCL sea shipment, Southeast Asia railway shipment,Asia Europe Railway.

Handmade MOQ:5000pcs

Machine made MOQ:50000pcs

Payment:Credit card, Telex Transfer,Letter of Credit,West Union,Paypal,

Usage:Wheat beer/India Pale ale/lager beer/craft beer/water/cocktail/mixed beverage/juice

Product show:

◇  The outward turn of the lip places the beer at the very front of a drinker’s palate to maximize the malt’s sweetness. The narrow top helps to retain the hop aroma and sustain the head. With thinner walls and a rounder shape, the right beer temperature is maintained and the aromas are gathered in a single place. Finally, the bottom of the glass creates bubbles for a consistent aroma release.

◇  Are you ready to dive into the specifics of beer glassware? Don’t worry, your bar doesn’t necessarily need to be stocked with every single one of these. However, if you identify as a craft beer bar, you might want to consider it. This is a great way to start thinking about how you can create an elevated drinking experience that customers will want to come back for.

◇  When the beer is poured, it runs smoothly down the side of the glass, but upon passing into the lower chamber and is nucleated. This frothing carbonation gives a smooth, foamy head to the beer as it fills to the widening rim.

◇  A classic Pilsner glass describes this design as being "tall and tapered like an inverted isosceles triangle - narrower at the bottom than the top. It shows off the colour and carbonation of the beer and as the vessel’s mouth is not too wide it maintains a good head.


Are you trading company or factory?

Re: we are professional glassware factory since 1993

Can I buy small qty and how will it be shipped?

Re:yes,We can accept small qty order for those in stock, we can send via DHL,TNT,Fedex and sea shipping as well

Can I print my own logo on the glass cup?

Re:yes, but there will be mould charge around $100 for small qty less than 5000pcs, 

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